26 May 2016

Under The Sea Event - Amsterdam

I wanted to write about Under the Sea before it gets embarrassingly late (as usual with my posting schedule).  I didn't take as many pictures as at past events because my outfit was really plain and I wanted to focus more on spending time with my friends and relaxing.  I didn't bother having photos taken by the professional photographers either because I felt my outfit was super boring.  What can I say, it's hard to pack something complex when traveling across three continents (although I will do it next time as it wasn't as much fun this way).

Yeah my OP is short, I actually took it up 2-3 inches because I like it this way.
I was staying with Sophie from Ireland and Liemzie from the UK.  It was nice to see them again after such a long time.  Looking back, it would have been nice to spend longer sightseeing in Amsterdam with the girls but I had been twice before so didn't think it would be necessary (plus I am heartbroken when separated from my husband so didn't want to stay away too long).  Turns out there are a ton more things that I would like to see in the Netherlands - mainly Efteling theme park, but I will return soon enough I'm sure.

17 May 2016

Keukenhof Tulip Garden - The Netherlands

On Sunday I returned from a short trip to Europe.   I visited The Netherlands (for the...third time, not including layovers) and my hometown of Dublin.  

I was most excited to see Keukenhof - the famous tulip garden in Lisse.  The Miracle Garden in Dubai claims to be the biggest flower garden in the world but having seen Keukenhof there is no comparison.  Even if it is technically smaller, it's at least 10 times more beautiful.

keukenhof miffy nijntje

Despite having a journey of around 21 hours to get to Amsterdam, I found the energy to take a bus with my two friends to Keukenhof on the day of my arrival.  I only had 4 days in the country, and two of those were arrival/leaving days so it really wasn't very long.

27 April 2016

Taipei Trip 2016

Somehow time has managed to escape from me again and I haven't been able to blog.  Probably won't again for quite a while as I am busy with work and will be in Europe for a while.

Anyway, last week my husband and I visited Taipei for the first time.  It had been near the top of my list of destinations for quite a while due to the large amount of themed restaurants and cute attractions.  I wasn't disappointed!

taipei cute themed restaurants
Sign at Songsham Cultural and Creative Park
taipei cute themed restaurants
Hello Kitty Shabu Shabu restaurant
I don't have time to write much in depth right now but I will share some photos as a summary.  As usual, I should get around to writing about each cute location individually in 1-2 years :-P

taipei cute themed restaurants
Wachifield and Kobito themed cafés
taipei cute themed restaurants
Kumamon café
taipei cute themed restaurants
Houtong cat village
taipei cute themed restaurants
Houtong cat village
taipei cute themed restaurants
Modern Toilet themed restaurant
taipei cute themed restaurants
Hello Kitty bubble tea shop
taipei cute themed restaurants
Rilakkuma Restaurant

taipei cute themed restaurants
The view from Taipei 101 skyscraper, with the building's shadow

20 March 2016

Top 10 Cutest Places to Visit in Europe

My goal when travelling is always to find the cutest places in whatever city I'm visiting.  This is probably obvious from the content of my blog!  I do like historical attractions too but there are thousands of blogs writing about that kind of thing already so I want to focus on all things adorable.

I've made this list to summarise my top cute places to visit in Europe.  There are still some places I haven't been to yet but these are the ones I've seen already.

1.  Miffy Museum at Dick Bruna Huis (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
miffy museum, dick bruna huis, utrecht, miffy museum holland, miffy museum netherlands, nijntje museum

Miffy is one of my favourite characters from my childhood.  She's a little white bunny created by Dutch author Dick Bruna.  The Miffy Museum is full of rabbit-themed paraphernalia, and you can learn about the author's other (equally cute) character creations too. (Full post here) 

2.  Moominworld (Naantali, Finland)
moominworld, moomin theme park, muumimaailma, moominworld review, muumimaailma review

Moomin World is a beautiful theme park in Finland, centered around the Moomin stories, obviously.  This is one of my favourite places in the whole world, I hope to go back one day and visit again, I hear that it looks even prettier in the winter.  (Full post here)

3.  Gruyères Castle (Gruyères, Switzerland)
Gruyères Castle, Gruyères, switzerland, geneva, fairytale castle, swiss castle, europe castle

This place is too beautiful to be real!  It looks you've stepped straight into a Pinterest image.  As well as the stunning castle exterior and gardens, inside is a really interesting exhibition of fantasy art.  Definitely adds to the fairytale atmosphere.  (Full post here)

4.  The Leprechaun Museum (Dublin, Ireland)
leprechaun museum dublin, leprechaun museum, leprechauns ireland

I'm from Dublin myself so I find this place a little cheesy.  However, if you're a tourist, I think it could be both educational and a little bit magical.  (Full post here)

5.  The Mini Bottle Gallery (Oslo, Norway)

It seems like I'm the only person who loves this massive collection of mini bottles.  The general consensus is that it's super tacky.  I spent ages here and highly recommend it if you like eccentric museums.  (Full post here)

6.  Comic Book Mural Walk (Brussels, Belgium)

Brussels is all about comics and cartoons, with many famous authors and artists coming from the region.  The city is full of murals paying homage to this, it makes for a fun walking tour of the city to find them all!  (Full post here)

7.  Loxx Miniatur Welten (Berlin, Germany)
loxx miniature world, loxx minatur welten, germany miniatures, berlin miniature world, loxx miniature world review

There are a lot of miniature attractions around the world, and especially in Germany.  Loxx Miniatur Welten is conveniently located in the capital city - Berlin.  This place even simulates night to day changes, so bring your camera for lots of cute and challenging photo opportunities.  (Full post here)

8. Thorildsplan T-Bana (Stockholm, Sweden)
stockholm metro art, pixel art subway, 8-bit subway, pacman tiles, super mario tiles, super mario subway, thorildsplan tbana, thorildsplan subway art, stockholm metro art

This must be the coolest subway station in the word.  If not, it's definitely the cutest.  Thorildsplan T-Bana in Stockholm is completely covered in video game pixel art mosaics!  It's super easy to get to too, just hop on a train.  (Full post here)

9.  Bruno Weber Sculpture Park (Dietikon, Switzerland)

I'm not sure if this place is more creepy than cute.  My husband definitely thought it was the former, however, I loved it.  Bruno Weber sculpture park a small garden in the Swiss countryside full of psychedelic art.  (Full post here)

10.  Mini Europe (Brussels, Belgium)

Another miniature spot but this time on a slightly bigger scale.  If you don't have time to visit all the sights Europe has to offer, this place is a great cheat.  From the Eiffel Tower to Big Ben you can see it all at Mini Europe.  (Full post here)

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