19 June 2016

Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taipei

Taipei has so many themed restaurants.  Even more than Tokyo, I think!  Well, at least it feels that way.  During my short visit, I tried to visit as many of them as possible.  By the end of it, I was actually quite sick of them.  One restaurant that definitely contributed to my "sickness" was Modern Toilet Restaurant.

modern toilet restaurant taipei

Despite reading in many reviews that although the food at the Modern Toilet Restaurant was decent, the presentation was...off-putting, I thought it would be fine.  I ordered shaved ice (I think this was meant to be shared between a group but I never share shaved ice) and hubby ordered some kind of hot pot.  It certainly tasted fine but eating out of a toilet bowl made it sooo difficult.

14 June 2016

Taipei 101 - On Top of the World in Taiwan

Growing up in Ireland, you don't learn much if anything about Asia.  I think the first I heard of Taiwan and its capital, Taipei, was a documentary on the Discovery Channel about Taipei 101.  At the time it must have been the world's tallest building - I was only a kid. 

It stuck in my mind for some reason.  Dublin doesn't have any skyscrapers.  I'm serious, the tallest building is 15 stories and it was only completed in 2010.  Probably long after that documentary, considering that Taipei 101 opened in 2004.  Anyway, you can imagine after my years of fascination that it was quite a surreal experience to finally stand in front of what is now the 8th tallest building in the world.

taipei 101
I can't take credit for either of these photos, that would be the hubby...

I was told that you could see the Taipei 101 building from anywhere in the city, and it's true to some extent - we could see it from our hotel room despite being nearly an hour's walk away.  However, you can't see it from the ground in most places as other (albeit significantly shorter) buildings block your view.  We hadn't checked into our hotel when we went for the long walk to the financial district where Taipei 101 is located.  

13 June 2016

Jeju Loveland - Sex Themed Sculpture Park in South Korea (NSFW)

I think I first heard about Jeju Island from some viral article about Jeju Loveland.  A few years ago there were a bunch of articles doing the rounds like "The World's Kinkiest Theme Park" (I suppose it is but is there any competition for that title?).  

Perhaps it depends on your background but I didn't find it all too shocking.  However I must include the "NSFW" disclaimer on this post.  The sculptures at Jeju Loveland include bums, boobs and penises - and plenty of them.

jeju loveland
This was one of the more...subtle works at Jeju Loveland...
We took a private driver during our stay on Jeju Island.  We thought it might be a bit awkward for the guide to come with us to this park so we took a taxi by ourselves the first afternoon.  It's purely a tourist trap and everyone knows about it, so I don't think there's anything to be embarrassed about, in hindsight.

10 June 2016

Alice in Wonderland "Theme Park", Jeju Island

Jeju has been on my travel bucket list (I don't really have a bucket list but I do keep an eye out for cute places constantly) for a while now.  I didn't think I'd ever get to go because it's a bit obscure.  It doesn't seem like they get many English-speaking tourists.  I'm really happy that I went because I liked it more than Seoul, which was surprising.  It's more nature-oriented and slower-paced than the big city.

Anyway, I compiled a long list of tacky museums and theme parks just before we left Perth.  Jeju has a crazy amount of tack.  Some of it is cute!  I thought the "Alice in Wonderland Theme Park" would be cute too, but how wrong I was!

alice in wonderland theme park jeju

I couldn't find many reviews, which should have been a warning sign.  However, I just put it down to the fact that there aren't many English-speaking tourists and even fewer who would be interested in such a weird spot.

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