Playing with Quokkas at Rottnest Island – Western Australia

Ever since I knew I was moving to Perth, visiting Rottnest Island to play with the resident population of quokkas became one of my goals. It took me over a year to achieve this goal for many reasons (the ferry to get there is really expensive so I waited for a coupon and we also didn’t want to go when it was too hot or rainy). We finally did it last weekend and boy was it worth the wait!

quokkas rottnest island
Ever-patient husband visible in the background…

As you can see on this blog, I love touching animals – the more unusual, the better.  So this was heaven for me.  I was afraid they’d be hard to find, but nope – they were everywhere.

quokkas rottnest island
This little cutie had only one eye
 The island is quite small, with one or two “central” areas where you’ll find tiny shops and cafés.  The quokkas were mostly congregated in this area but also near the holiday homes (and, in fact, underneath them).  I guess they like to scavenge for food like most wild animals.
quokkas rottnest island
This selfie was way too hard to get
Whatever body promotes tourism for Rottnest Island has made it “a thing” to take a selfie with a quokka and post it with the corresponding hashtag: #quokkaselfie.  It’s much more difficult than you’d expect, as the animals are very short and the ground is dirty and full of quokka poop.  I spent probably over and hour in total trying to get a selfie and ended up sitting in the dirt a lot.
quokkas rottnest island
Quokka butt!
Above is an example of a failed selfie attempt.  The quokkas are definitely curious and friendly but they don’t exactly want to pose with you.  Most of them will let you pet them but not get close enough to put your face all up in their space…
quokkas rottnest island
Phone for scale
quokkas rottnest island
So many quokkas!
 I could have spent days walking around and petting every quokka I saw.  I just wouldn’t get bored of it.  However, we got tired and too hot so we left after around eight hours.  
quokkas rottnest island
I think this is Thompson Bay?
quokkas rottnest island
Bathurst Lighthouse

Apart from the quokkas, the island is quite pretty and typically Australian in my opinion.  If you like to swim or hang out at the beach it’s a very relaxing place to do so.  Unfortunately it was just too hot for me to spend long at the beach and I didn’t bring sunscreen so swimming was out of the question.  I might go back someday if I can find another good deal for the ferry but I think my husband has had more than enough of quokkas for one year!


  1. Oh, that's cool! I was sooo surprised that the selfies were that difficult as there are so many great ones on instagram…I couldn't get one as good as those ;_;

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