Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taipei

Taipei has so many themed restaurants.  Even more than Tokyo, I think!  Well, at least it feels that way.  During my short visit, I tried to visit as many of them as possible.  By the end of it, I was actually quite sick of them.  One restaurant that definitely contributed to my “sickness” was Modern Toilet Restaurant.


Despite reading in many reviews that although the food at the Modern Toilet Restaurant was decent, the presentation was…off-putting, I thought it would be fine.  I ordered shaved ice (I think this was meant to be shared between a group but I never share shaved ice) and hubby ordered some kind of hot pot.  It certainly tasted fine but eating out of a toilet bowl made it sooo difficult.
modern toilet restaurant taipei
Modern Toilet restaurant is in the “hip” district of Ximending.  It was totally deserted at first but then some extremely rowdy tourists arrived.
modern toilet restaurant taipei
modern toilet restaurant taipei
The shaved ice was pretty bad, compared with the standard shaved ice in Taiwan.  The ice was really crunchy.  It melted faster than I could eat it, resulting in a watery, brown liquid flowing over the edges of the toilet bowl.  It was seriously gross.  I couldn’t even finish it.
modern toilet restaurant taipei

The decor is pretty cool and the soundtrack is weird.  After a while, it filled up with young Asian couples too.  What a weird place to go on a date, eh?  Though what can I say, we also went as a couple.

Overall, I would not recommend going to this place unless as a joke.  Maybe with a group of friends.  Make sure you are  hungry as otherwise you’ll find you lose your appetite!

Modern Toilet Restaurant Practical Info

Address:  108, Taiwan, Taipei City, Wanhua District, Lane 50, Xining S Rd, 7號2樓

Opening Hours:  
Sunday    11am–9pm
Monday    11:30am–9pm
Tuesday    11:30am–9pm
Wednesday    11:30am–9pm
Thursday    11:30am–9pm
Friday    11:30am–9:30pm
Saturday    11am–9:30pm


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