Giant Fuchiko in Hong Kong

Blogging is both my hobby (this blog) and my job (other stuff).  Because of this, sometimes I get really sick of it.  It’s hard to write good quality content all the time (although I hardly ever do on this blog).  I wish I was one of those bloggers that could write about what I’m passionate about and still make money.  Unfortunately, what I’m interested in is so obscure so nobody wants to read about it.

This post is an example of “getting crappy blog posts out of my system”.  I don’t want to have to consider SEO or keywords or even if anyone will read this.  This post is about the gachapon character “Fuchiko”.  You can read more about her here but, in summary, she’s a little plastic figure that you buy in “blind boxes” (it means you don’t know which variation you’ll get until you open the box) or capsule toy machines (“gachapon”) machines in Japan.

Fuchiko sits/hangs/swings off the edge of your drinks glass to make your photos more cute for Instagram.  At least I presume that was the original purpose.  Here’s an example of how the original toy looks:

I am not even a huge fan of this character, I just like her a bit because she’s weird.  When I stumbled across a huge display of giant Fuchikos in The One mall in Hong Kong last Christmas, I was very excited.  I do love any kind of tacky plastic display.


There were a lot more than I’ve included in the photos in this post, however both my photography and my appearance were pretty dire that day.  These were the only ones I could salvage.

Gosh I’m glad my hair has grown a lot more now and I finally have a side fringe.  Also, fun fact, that black dress is what I wore to my wedding.  Gotta be comfy, eh?


I wouldn’t mind living in Hong Kong for a while, just to see the wide range of tacky plastic displays that pop up at this mall.  I’ve seen two at this mall alone (the other was Christmas Rilakkuma one or two years before) and three at other malls around the city.  I’m not even kidding.  I LOVE THIS STUFF.

Am I alone?  Does anyone else find this interesting?  I guess a large amount of Hong Kongers do, or else they wouldn’t have made the effort to create it…

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