Rilakkuma Cafe Around The World Guide

Rilakkuma Cafe Taipei
The exterior of the Rilakkuma Cafe Taipei
Rilakkuma (Japanese for “relax bear”) is such a popular character worldwide, it’s no surprise that a few Rilakkuma cafes have popped up around the world.  It can be really difficult to find information as often these Rilakkuma cafes are temporary, or the information is not in English.
Luckily, I have a lot of experience finding obscure themed cafes in Asia and have visited some Rilakkuma cafes myself so I thought I’d write a little guide.  The most common places where people ask about a Rilakkuma cafe are  Singapore, Tokyo, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong and Korea so I will write a bit about each.

>>Rilakkuma Cafe Taipei, Taiwan

The Rilakkuma Cafe in Taipei opened in 2015.  It was the second Rilakkuma Cafe I’ve ever visited.  The area it’s located in is pretty nice, quiet with lots of restaurants and even the Hello Kitty Shabu Shabu restaurant a stone’s throw away (funnily, I’d recommend that over this Rilakukma Cafe).

When I visited, it was lunch time so the kitchen wasn’t fully open, unfortunately.  It was really busy because it was still relatively new at the time.  I’d recommend going at dinner time to get the full menu selection.

Photos of the Rilakkuma Cafe Taipei

Rilakkuma Cafe Taipei decor
The decor at the Rilakkuma Cafe Taipei
Rilakkuma Cafe Taipei decor
Cute minimalist decoration at the Rilakkuma Cafe Taipei

The Menu at the Rilakkuma Cafe Taipei

As I mentioned, the full menu wasn’t available when we visited around lunch time.  We had a dessert and a “snack” of fries, onion rings and dip, even though they weren’t very cute or themed.  The pancakes were seasonal at least – maple pecan.

Rilakkuma Cafe Taipei menu
Rilakkuma Cafe Taipei menu
Rilakkuma Cafe Taipei food
They didn’t have the full menu when we ate at the Rilakkuma Cafe Taipei so we had fries, onion rings and pancakes!

Rilakkuma Cafe Taipei Address

Address: No. 3, Lane 248, Section 4, Zhongxiao E Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

Opening Hours:  11:30am–10pm everyday

Facebook page:

>>Rilakkuma Cafe Japan

There have been at least four Rilakkuma Cafes in Japan, three of which have been in Tokyo.  Unfortunately, they were both temporary but I am sure one will open again soon, as they were very popular and he is a Japanese character after all.

Rilakkuma Cafe in Hachimitsu no Mori – Harajuku, Tokyo and Parco Nagoya

Rilakkuma forest-themed cafe in Harajuku (photo from

A forest themed Rilakkuma Cafe was open in Harajuku between March and April 2016.  The exact theme was “Harajuku’s Rilakkuma Cafe in a Honey Forest Cafe”.  Pretty obscure, huh?  The food looked really cute, but if it’s anything like the other themed cafes I’ve visited in Japan, the appearance was probably better than the taste.

This themed cafe popped up in PARCO mall Nagoya between August and October 2016 so I’m sure it will appear somewhere else in the future.

Rilakkuma Cafe Tower Records – Shibuya, Tokyo

Rilakkuma Cafe Tower Records Tokyo

From July to August 2014, a much-publicised Rilakkuma cafe popped up in collaboration with Tower Records Shibuya.  The lines were extremely long for the entire duration so I’m not disappointed that I gave this one a miss.

Hawaiian Rilakkuma Cafe – Harajuku, Tokyo

Rilakkuma Hawaiian themed cafe, Harajuku (Photo from rilakkuma official fb)

This pop-up cafe celebrated Rilakkuma’s 10th anniversary in 2013 with a Hawaiian theme.  It appeared in collaboration with a restaurant called Basement Dining which I can only presume is…in a basement?

Rilakkuma Cafe Japan Address

There is currently NO RILAKKUMA CAFE OPEN in Japan.

>>Rilakkuma Cafe Hong Kong

Rilakkuma Cafe Hong Kong
Rilakkuma Cafe Hong Kong display at The One mall (it wasn’t a real cafe) – photo from Tripadvisor

There is no Rilakkuma Cafe in Hong Kong at the time of writing (October 2016).  There was a temporary pop up display at The One Mall in 2014 with a “Rilakkuma Chocolate Cafe” theme.  However, this was just a display of character figures, there was no actual cafe or food.  Still though, it was very cute!

Rilakkuma Cafe Hong Kong Address

This display is OVER.

>>Rilakkuma Cafe Singapore

There is no permanent Rilakkuma Cafe in Singpore, at the time of writing (Oct 2016).  There is a temporary Rilakkuma which seems to pop up occasionally at a place called Characters Cafe.  I didn’t think of going there when I was in Singapore to check it out but I will most definitely next time.  If you’ve been there, please let me know how you found it.

Photos of the Rilakkuma Cafe Singapore

Front of the Rilakkuma Cafe Singapore
Front of the Rilakkuma Cafe Singapore (Characters Cafe) from

The Menu at the Rilakkuma Cafe Singapore

It seems like the menu is different each time this pop-up Rilakkuma Cafe opens but I found the following example:

Rilakkuma Cafe Singapore
Sample of menu at Rilakkuma Cafe Singapore

Rilakkuma Cafe Singapore Address

Address: Dhoby Xchange B1-36, Singapore 238826

Opening hours:  Check the facebook page, this is a pop-up cafe, the theme changes

Facebook page:

>>Rilakkuma Cafe Korea

rilakkuma cafe korea

The Capi Capi Loom Loom cafe in Seoul was one of the first Rilakkuma cafes to pop up in the world.  I say was because as of 2016, it’s closed.  Despite this, I’ll share my pictures from my visit in October 2014.  It was a really adorable, eclectically decorated cafe, packed to the brim with Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma plushies.  The front part was a Rilakkuma store but I don’t know if it was official?  Maybe that’s why it closed down?  I have no idea, but the fact that it was called Capi Capi Loom Loom rather than a Rilakkuma Cafe was a bit suspicious.

Photos of the Rilakkuma Cafe Korea

This is my archived post about Capi Capi Loom Loom cafe from 2014

rilakkuma cafe korea

Me posing with the middle-size Rilakkuma plushie. He looks a little slouchy, don’t you think?

The cafe was very boring on the outside, and it’s not obvious from the name that it’s full of Rilakkuma plushies!   There is a lot of Rilakkuma merchandise for sale at the entrance, mostly plushies but stationary and housewares too.  You have to pass through this into the reasonably-sized seating area at the back.
If you like eclectic decor, then this place is a winner.  You’ll find Christmas decorations and fairy lights among Rilakkuma cups, placemats and other merchandise.  And of course the giant rilakkuma plushies!  It’s not just Rilakkuma but you’ll find his friend Korilakkuma here too.  I didn’t see so much of Kiirotori unfortunately.  The menu wasn’t in English but you can get the idea by sneaking a look at what others have ordered and making out a few words here and there.  I think I just pointed to something that said green tea ice cream.  It’s mostly desserts and drinks.
rilakkuma cafe korea
Some fairy lights, Rilakkuma post-its and a big Korilakkuma plushie eyeing my shaved ice

The bowl of icecream I got was huge!  The rilakkuma plushie behind it is huge too, so it’s not a good measure of scale lol.  Apparently this is quite a normal size for shaved ice in Korea but you’re meant to share it between at least two people – oops.  My dessert was made up of – cornflakes, adzuki beans, walnuts, matcha ice cream, syrup, jelly sweets and shaved ice.  It was one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten.  I can’t wait to go back to Seoul and have it again.

rilakkuma cafe korea
Some slouchy looking Rilakkuma plushies just chillin’
I don’t know about you but I love really worn looking plushies.  They look loved and like they have a story to tell.  The Korilakkuma plushies are particularly adorable to me because their cream fur gets dirty!  Maybe other people find this gross but I think old plushies are adorable.  I wonder if these Rilakkuma plushies get washed at all?  Not a good place for a germophobe to visit then, I suppose!
rilakkuma cafe korea
Kapibarasan and a big korilakkuma plushie on shelves
 The style is similar to Tokyo’s Moomin cafe although it’s definitely more haphazard and hipster in decor.  You do get a giant Rilakkuma plushie at your table, and since it was very quiet, there was one for everyone.   Kapibarasan also made a few appearances at Capi Capi Loom Loom.  He’s he stacked capybara character on the bookcase.  Rather random as I don’t think he’s a San-X character?

Rilakkuma Cafe Korea Address

Unfortunately it’s CLOSED.

>>Rilakkuma Cafe Thailand

It doesn’t seem like there’s a full or legitimate Rilakkuma Cafe in Thailand.  There is a store listed as Kuma Store & Village in Bangkok which you can see below:

Rilakkuma Cafe Thailand
Kuma Store & Cafe in Thailand is just a store

However, there isn’t, nor has there ever been a cafe at this location (as of Oct 2016).  Perhaps they are going to add it in the future.  If you are interested in visiting this store, here’s the info:

Address:  Unit No. A109, Floor 1F, K Village Shopping Mall, 93,95 Sukhumvit 26, Klongtan, Klongtoey Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Facebook page:


I hope this guide to Rilakkuma cafes around the world has been helpful.  There is only one permanent Rilakkuma cafe in the whole world, now that the one in Seoul has closed, and that is in Taipei.  I can see why it would be confusing if you’re researching Rilakkuma cafes for your travels because there are so many temporary and “fake” ones out there.  If you know one I’ve missed or have any questions, please leave me a comment below.  Also, if you’ve been to one of these Rilakkuma cafes I’d love to read about your experience so if you’ve written a blog post drop a link in the comments too ^_^


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